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“She is the sassiest, wittiest, most survivingest broad I have ever met.” – Jes Baker, aka ‘The Militant Baker’

Adiba Nelson is the woman who brings as much truth to power in her writing, as she does in her speaking. Having been referred to as “inspirational” on more than one occasion, Adiba shares her deepest secrets with her audience, at the same time giving them the courage to live their most authentic, purpose driven life. She has written, without pause, about her life long struggle with food addiction, her disdain for her daughter’s communication device, and about watching her mother transition from a vibrant, throw-caution-to-the-wind woman, to a woman who struggles to find her words, and smiles a little crookedly as the result of traumatic brain injury.

Adiba has traveled the country speaking on various topics, but she really shines when discussing the importance of diversity/ inclusion/accessibility and women’s rebellion as an act of self-love and power. Her signature keynote, “The Beauty of Adult Rebellion” has been greeted with standing ovations time and time again, as it seamlessly meshes the topics she’s passionate about with hilarious, touching, and deeply personal stories. Her debut memoir, Ain’t That a Mother, will be published in May 2022.

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Adiba's Featured Titles

Ain’t That a Mother: Postpartum, Palsy, and Everything in Between

Blackstone Publishing |

From pasties to postpartum and everything in between

No one said motherhood would be easy. For Adiba Nelson, the journey to parenthood started with a big bang and continues with a breakdown (or two) and several why? questions for God.

Witty and bold, Afro-Latina Adiba grew up in survival mode. Her sometimes complicated relationship with her strong-willed, vibrant, religious mother marked her views of mothering and love. When a chance encounter with a tall-ish, brown-skinned brotha at Ruby Tuesday’s right before closing time collided with a Jill Scott song and the right time of the month, Adiba found herself unexpectedly pregnant. She also found herself unexpectedly falling into the same relationship patterns of the matriarchs before her–the ones she swore she’d never end up in.

Mom to a new baby with high medical needs and with a slew of hardships that just won’t quit, she set out on a reckoning that was just as generational as it was personal. Along the way, Adiba never loses her heart or her humor. This is a true love story, but the kind about a woman loving herself enough to change the course of her life for herself, her child, and the women after her as well as before. From pasties to postpartum depression, Ain’t That A Mother is not your average motherhood memoir–and Adiba is not your average mother.

The in-between moments and the self-revelations are where this bold and brilliant story of love, family secrets, and lots of what the…? really shines. Just like parenting, the story is messy, but the reward is incredibly satisfying.

Meet ClaraBelle Blue

Picture Book

“Meet ClaraBelle Blue” is one of the most diverse children’s books on the market. The series helps children see that kids with special needs are just like them, kids – regardless of having a disability! As she likes to say, “I’m ClaraBelle Blue and I’m just like YOU!”


Examining Similarities: Creating Connections & Community

Students will gain an appreciation for the connections they share with their peer group including students with special needs and foster acceptance of inclusion and a greater sense of community in the classroom.


Unpacking.Uniqueness: Diversity in our Community

Students will employ reflective and analytical thinking to differentiate physical attributes and defining characteristics in order to complete a character analysis of a fictional character and apply their understanding to identify and explain their own unique character.


In The Margins: Diversifying Your Home and Classroom Bookshelf

Adiba will help educators and parents identify and diversify their book collections.


There’s No ‘I’ in Inclusion: Building Your Child’s Team

Erin Aguilar is an educator, Inclusion Specialist for a nationally recognized organization and a founding member of Arizona’s Inclusion Task Force. Adiba Nelson has the personal experience of being a parent to child with an IEP in the public school system, and the professional experience of being a social worker/advocate for children and families for eleven years. Together they bring you 2 unique, and rarely offered *together* perspectives – parent and educator, side by side.


4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Stop Disabling Your Child

Do you want to be a better teacher, better parent, or better clinician? Ready to move from enabling the children in your life to EMPOWERING them? In this workshop we’ll uncover 4 common mistakes we all make in our efforts to empower our children and students with special needs, and how we can correct them.


Problem Solving: How to Achieve Playground Inclusion

Students will examine an illustration and apply their comprehension of a text to apply their skills in problem-solving skills for the purpose of achieving inclusion in real life scenarios.


Skating Downhill: The Art of Claiming Your Life

What dream would you make come true if you knew that it could absolutely happen? Now what if I told you it could happen? Well it can. Strap on your skates and come with me as we fly face first into the life you’ve always dreamed of.


The Beauty of Adult Rebellion


Sister to Sister: The Responsibility of Women to Other Women

The importance of diverse, inclusive kids books. Author of ‘Meet ClaraBelle Blue,’ Adiba Nelson, shares the story behind her book and other examples of enlightening literature.

Meet ClaraBelle Blue Book Trailer

Skating Downhill: The Art of Claiming Your Life | Adiba Nelson | TEDxTucson – What dream would you make come true if you knew that it could absolutely happen? Now what if I told you it could happen? Well it can. Strap on your skates and come with me as we fly face first into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The Full Nelson – Life has thrown her a few curve balls. She is a mother, author and performer … Adiba Nelson is a force of nature.

Emmy award winning documentary based on Adiba’s life

Honors, Awards & Recognition

TEDx Speaker
Modeled in a viral photo campaign around body positivity wearing nothing more than black panties and sparkly heels
Was the subject of the Emmy award winning documentary, The Full Nelson

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