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Allison Gilbert is an Emmy award-winning journalist and co-author of Listen, World!, the first biography of American writer Elsie Robinson, a newspaper columnist who came from nothing and became the most-read woman in the country and highest-paid woman writer in the William Randolph Hearst media empire. The New York Times raves “One does not tire of spending time with Elsie Robinson” and the Wall Street Journal proclaims the book “an important contribution to women’s history.” Allison’s forthcoming book, The Joy of Connections: 100 Ways to Beat Loneliness and Live a Happier and More Meaningful Life, written with Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer, (October 2024) is an urgent guide to combating loneliness, with 100 ways to increase connectivity right now.

Gilbert is host of “Women Journalists of 9/11: Their Stories,” a 20-part documentary series produced in collaboration with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. For this, she interviewed such luminaries as Savannah Guthrie, Maggie Haberman, Dana Bash, and Linda Wertheimer. She is co-executive producer of the companion 2-hour film that featured, among many others, Tom Brokaw, Rehema Ellis, Ann Thompson, Scott Pelley, Byron Pitts, Ann Compton, and Cynthia McFadden. Gilbert is the official narrator of the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s historical exhibition audio tour, the only female journalist to be so honored.

Allison Gilbert writes regularly for the New York Times and other publications. On her blog, she features Q & A’s with some of the most notable names in our culture today including, Arianna Huffington, Jon Stewart, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Dani Shapiro, and Gretchen Rubin.

Allison is co-editor of Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report September 11 and author of Always Too Soon: Voices of Support for Those Who Have Lost Both ParentsParentless Parents: How the Loss of Our Mothers and Fathers Impacts the Way We Raise Our Children, and Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive.

Gilbert lives in New York with her husband and two children.

Allison's Featured Titles

The Joy of Connections: 100 Ways to Beat Loneliness and Live a Happier and More Meaningful Life

Rodale Books |
Happiness & Self Help

“Dr. Ruth’s strategies are essential for building the kinds of bonds that will reduce loneliness and transform lives.” –Gretchen Rubin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project

An urgent guide to combating loneliness, with 100 ways to increase connectivity right now, from the iconic therapist and orphan of the Holocaust appointed the first-ever “Loneliness Ambassador” in the country.

When Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy sounded the alarm that loneliness “represents an urgent public health concern”—exacerbated by social media overuse, the residual effects of the pandemic, and the lack of meaningful relationships—trusted therapist Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer knew that her unique perspective and expertise could help. Long-beloved for breaking stigmas around sexual problems, Dr. Ruth has made it her new mission to help individuals break free from the bonds of hopelessness and isolation.

We are social animals. We have a shared desire to connect and create lasting relationships with the people around us. But the heaviness of loneliness can make this feel impossible. Dr. Ruth, with Emmy Award-winning journalist Allison Gilbert and longtime collaborator Pierre Lehu, tackles the subject with compassion and her trademark no-nonsense approach. She provides practical and creative strategies for finding friends, community, and intimacy.

And it’s anchored by Dr. Ruth’s own story, from the horrific loneliness of losing her family in the Holocaust, to living in an orphanage, to rebuilding her life in America, working her way up from maid to world-renowned sex-therapist. With her tips on navigating family dynamics, developing a fulfilling social and romantic life, and using technology in healthy ways, you will find wisdom for any stage of life.

The Joy of Connections isn’t just an action-oriented guidebook on overcoming loneliness from one of the most well-respected therapists of our time; it’s the vital kick in the pants we all need in order to start seeking—and finding—deep and lasting human connections via 100 concrete and innovative opportunities that can be put to use immediately.

Listen, World! How the Intrepid Elsie Robinson Became American’s Most Read Woman

Seal Press |

The first biography of Elsie Robinson, the most influential newspaper columnist you’ve never heard of

At thirty-five, Elsie Robinson feared she’d lost it all. Reeling from a scandalous divorce in 1917, she had no means to support herself and her chronically ill son. She dreamed of becoming a writer and was willing to sacrifice everything for this goal, even swinging a pickax in a gold mine to pay the bills.

When the mine shut down, she moved to the Bay Area. Armed with moxie and samples of her work, she barged into the offices of the Oakland Tribune and was hired on the spot. She went on to become a nationally syndicated columnist and household name whose column ran for over thirty years and garnered fifty million readers.

Told in cinematic detail by bestselling author Julia Scheeres and award-winning journalist Allison Gilbert, Listen, World! is the inspiring story of a timeless maverick, capturing what it means to take a gamble on self-fulfillment and find freedom along the way.

Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive

Seal Press |

Passed and Present is a one-of-a-kind guide for discovering creative and meaningful ways to keep the memory of loved ones alive.

Inspiring and imaginative, this bona fide “how-to” manual teaches us how to remember those we miss most, no matter how long they’ve been gone. Passed and Present is not about sadness and grieving. It is about happiness and remembering. It is possible to look forward, to live a rich and joyful life, while keeping the memory of loved ones alive. This much-needed, easy-to-use roadmap shares 85 imaginative ways to celebrate and honor family and friends we never want to forget.

Chapter topics include: Repurpose With Purpose:  Ideas for transforming objects and heirlooms. Discover ways to reimagine photographs, jewelry, clothing, letters, recipes, and virtually any inherited item or memento.  Use Technology: Strategies for your daily, digital life. Opportunities for using computers, scanners, printers, apps, mobile devices, and websites. Not Just Holidays: Tips for remembrance any time of year, day or night, whenever you feel that pull, be it a loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, or just a moment when a memory catches you by surprise.  Monthly Guide:  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other special times of year present unique challenges and opportunities. This chapter provides exciting ideas for making the most of them while keeping your loved one’s memory alive. Places to Go: Destinations around the world where reflecting and honoring loved ones is a communal activity.  This concept is called Commemorative Travel.

Also included are suggestions for incorporating aspects of these foreign traditions into your practices at home.  Being proactive about remembering loved ones has a powerful and unexpected benefit: it can make you happier. The more we incorporate memories into our year-round lives as opposed to sectioning them off to a particular time of year, the more we can embrace the people who have passed, and all that’s good and fulfilling in our present.    With beautiful illustrations throughout by artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis,Passed and Present also includes an introduction by Hope Edelman, bestselling author of Motherless Daughters.

Parentless Parents: How the Loss of Our Mothers and Fathers Impacts the Way We Raise Our Children

Hyperion |

Parentless Parents is the first book to show how the absence of grandparents impacts everything about the way mothers and fathers raise their children–from everyday parenting decisions to the relationships they have with their spouses and in-laws.

For the first time in U.S. history, as the average age of women giving birth has increased significantly, millions of children are at risk of having fewer years with their grandparents than ever before. How has this substantial shift affected parents and kids? Journalist, award-winning television producer, and parentless parent Allison Gilbert has polled and studied more than 1,300 parentless parents from across the United States and a dozen other countries to find out.

Through her pioneering research, Gilbert not only shares her own story and the significant and poignant effect that this trend has had on her and hundreds of other families, but also the myriad ways these mothers and fathers have learned to keep the memory of their parents alive for their children, and to find the support and understanding they need.

Always Too Soon

Seal Press |

While the death of a parent is always painful, losing both is life-altering. When author Allison Gilbert lost both parents at age 32, she could not find any books that spoke to her with the same level of compassion and reassurance that she found in the support group she belonged to, so she decided to write one of her own. The result is a sensitive and candid portrayal of loss that brings together experiences from famous and ordinary grief-stricken sons and daughters that explores the regrets, heartache and sometimes, relief, that accompanies pain and healing.

Always Too Soon provides a range of intimate conversations with those, famous and not, who have lost both parents, providing readers with a source of comfort and inspiration as they learn to negotiate their new place in the world.

Contributors include Hope Edelman, Geraldine Ferraro, Dennis Franz, Barbara Ehrenreich, Yogi Berra, Rosanne Cash, and Ice-T, as well as those who lost parents to the Oklahoma City bombing, the World Trade Center bombings, drunk driving, and more.

Covering Catastrophe

Taylor Trade Publishing |

Tells what it was like for TV and radio journalists to report the terrifying story of their lives.



Presentations that lift and inspire.

Knowing Your Value: Lessons on Knowing Your Worth From 100 Years Ago
Urgent and timely lessons on owning your value from Elsie Robinson, the most-read woman in America and highest-paid woman writer in the William Randolph Hearst media empire.

Being Unstoppable
Learn what separates individuals who feel they can’t move on from people who believe nothing can stop them.

What Is a Woman Worth?
Why are women’s stories and accomplishments still so often overlooked and what can be done to ensure that more women’s legacies endure for future generations.



Talks that harness challenging moments into unexpected opportunities.

Setbacks as Fire
Empowering opportunities for using hardships of all kinds to drive us forward.

Passed and Present: Celebrating Loved Ones and Keeping Their Memories Alive
Inspiring and uplifting ways to celebrate family and friends you never want to forget.



Concrete and actionable talks for living a big, bold life and building a legacy that endures.

Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands: A Story of Genetics & Survival
An intimate talk revealing the life-saving choices one mother made to stay alive for her children.

Forget-Me-Not: Ensuring Our Legacy
Best strategies for ensuring your life and greatest achievements are remembered in perpetuity.



Presentations that stir and energize anyone with stories to share.

A Roadmap for Writers
Empowering strategies for getting words on the page and into the hands of readers.

From Book Idea to Published Author
A master plan for securing an agent, developing a winning book proposal, and landing a publishing contract.

Reporting 9/11: An Emmy Award-Winning Journalist’s First-Hand Story
A raw, behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to cover the September 11 attacks and nearly be killed on the job that tragic day.

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“5 new books you need to read” — USA Today (for Allison’s book, Listen, World!)
Winner, Washington Irving Book Award — Westchester Library Association (for Allison’s book Parentless Parents)

Journalism Awards
Three Emmy awards (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Two Emmy nominations (NATAS)
First Place, Consumer Investigation (National Association of Black Journalists)
MADD Media Award (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
Best Series, Investigative Reporting (Society of Professional Journalists)
First Place, Best Public Service (Associated Press)

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