“Beautiful and full of life, this picture book is an excellent choice for gently discussing the illness of a loved one as well as sharing the magical relationship between children and their grandparents. Highly recommended for picture book collections.” — School Library Journal (starred review)

Ana Siqueira is a Spanish-language elementary teacher trained in Global education and PBS Media Innovator. She published a book in Spanish for the educational market and books in Portuguese in Brazil, where she is from.

She’s an award-winning children’s book author based in Tampa, Florida. Her books include Bella’s Recipe for Success (Beaming Books 2021), If Your Babysitter is a Bruja (S&S 2022), Abuela’s Super Capa/ La Supercapa de Abuela (HarperCollins 2023), Our World Brazil (Barefoot Books 2023), Boitata: the Fire Snake (Capstone 2023), La Mala Suerte is Following Me (Charlesbridge 2024), Mami’s Heart (HarperCollins 2026) among others.

Ana is also the co-founder of Latinxpitch, a pitch event to promote Latin authors and illustrators. She lives in Palm Harbor with her husband. She loves to read, write, teach, and play with her grandkids as a super Abuela or super Vovó. She’s a member of a Cuban-Brazilian-American blended family.

During her school visits and presentations, she uses her super teaching powers to get children engaged and active.

Ana's Featured Titles

La Mala Suerte Is Following Me

Charlesbridge |

In this fun picture book romp about superstitions, can Miguel learn to make his own luck—and be rid of La Mala Suerte—before it’s too late?

Miguel’s abuelita warned him that opening an umbrella in the house will bring La Mala Suerte (Mrs. Bad Luck) who will follow him wherever he goes, and now Miguel’s life is ruined! He trips, fails an exam, and he can’t block a shot to save his life at soccer practice. Nothing he tries works to get rid of Mrs. Bad Luck—looking for a four-leaf clover, his aunt’s “existential” oils… Now what? Using integrated Spanish words and playful language, La Mala Suerte Is Following Me takes a silly and heartfelt look at superstitions.

Abuela’s Super Capa

HarperCollins |

A heartwarming bilingual picture book about a young boy who learns to accept that Abuela needs to retire her super capa. 

Saturdays are superhero days. Equipped with their milkshakes and capas, Luis and his abuela can turn anything into an adventure.

But when Abuela gets sick, Luis has to learn a new way to be a hero. With some help from his sister, Luis learns that change isn’t all that bad and there are many new adventures to have, even if they look a little different.

Perfect for families experiencing sickness and loss, this engaging multigenerational story will help young children find the language to express their feelings and adjust to change.

Simultaneously published in Spanish: La supercapa de Abuela

Bella’s Recipe for Success

Beaming Books |

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Bella wants to find out what she’s good at. But she quits everything she (barely) tries because she’s a disaster at it. Her somersaults are like clumsy jirafas rolling downhill, her piano playing like elephant feet. When she decides to learn how to bake with her wise old abuela, her first attempt at dulce de leche frosting looks like scaly cocodrilo skin. She must learn it’s okay to try again or she won’t be good at anything. Peppered with Spanish vocabulary and set in an intergenerational Latinx home, Bella’s Recipe for Success will show all kids the value of practicing to learn a new skill, and that it’s okay to make mistakes along the way.

A recipe for Polvorones con Dulce de Leche is included at the back of the book so kids can have fun making their own.


How do Writers Get Inspired

Let’s get inspired too. (Kinder-5th) – After talking about me and my books and how I get inspired, we will let the kids get inspired and talk or draw ideas for their next books/stories.


Writing Craft - Show, Don't Tell.

Kids will review sentences with me and how to make them stronger by showing and not telling. Then I will give them a chance to try writing and revising their sentences. (2nd to 5th)


Growth Mindset

I will read my book BELLA’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS and talk about my growth mindset as a writer, who had dyslexia and discuss with students about making mistakes and trying again. (any age)


Writing Similes

In my book BELLA’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, Bella compares her frosting to cocodrilo skin and her somersaults as jirafas rolling downhill. So, after reading the book and talking about similes, I ask students to create their own funny similes.



After reading my book IF YOUR BABYSITTER IS A BRUJA (art by Irena Freitas), we will talk about perspective. How would you feel if you were the girl? How would you feel if you were the babysitter?


Reading, Questions And Answer

After reading any of my books, I will interact with students by asking questions and let them ask me questions.


Emotions, emotions

After reading my book Abuela’s Super Capa (also in Spanish), we will talk about different emotions and how each person deals with the same.


Our World: Brazil + others

After reading my book Our World Brazil and other books from the collections, we can compare and contrast what children do in different countries.


Universal Emotions

We will talk about universal feelings and what connects us as humans after reading two of my books.

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