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Bestselling Non-Fiction Author
Executive Producer, Course Creator, & Branding Expert
Travels from: Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve fallen in love with Jamie’s words and how she so effortlessly can make us feel united with them. She has a true gift of helping us realize that all of our ‘human’ moments are what make us so special. She is a real light in this world.” ― Lucy Hale, Award-Winning Actress from “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Hating Game,” and more

Jamie Varon is a bestselling non-fiction author, executive producer, novelist, course creator, designer, branding expert, and writer whose work has been read by millions. She is a multi-passionate creative who follows her curiosity wherever it leads. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Her first nonfiction book, Radically Content was published April 12th, 2022 with Quarto Books. The journal companion, titled Radically Content: The Journal released spring 2023.

A feature film based on Radically Content is currently in progress with Malta-based film studio Lovely Mila LTD. She will be the Executive Producer and consultant on the film. Joanna Quraishi (Family Guy) is adapting the script.

Her debut novel, Main Character Energy, will be published fall 2023 with HarperCollins’ imprint, Park Row.

She created a digital course called Live with Intention that has helped over 1,200 people live more intentional lives.

Jamie’s writing has been featured on Huffington Post, Fusion, Complex, Medium, Thought Catalog, GOOD, Teen Vogue, The Liberty Project, and SF Weekly.

In 2009, Jamie was on CNN Live and featured in Fortune for creating a viral website called Twitter Should Hire Me (they didn’t hire her). In 2013, she co-created an online branding course called Brandgasm 101 with copywriter and creative genius Ash Ambirge. In 2014, she built an iOS app called Paper’d that was downloaded over 100,000 times in the first week and a half. From May 2014-May 2015, she was a Senior Writer for Thought Catalog where her writing was read by over 21 million people in just a year.

Since then, she’s built a thriving community of like-minded people on Instagram and Facebook with a combined reach of over 350,000 people.

Jamie's Featured Titles

Main Character Energy: A Novel

Park Row |
Women’s Fiction

It’s your story, but are you the main character of it?

Poppy Banks would rather be writing mysteries than writing listicles for her dead-end job at Thought Buzz. But after a series of rejections, she’s ready to accept life on the sidelines as a plus-size woman. Her aunt Margot is the one person unwilling to give up on her niece’s dreams and tells her so at their secret yearly lunches.

But all of Poppy’s beliefs about herself are challenged when her beloved aunt dies and leaves her niece a grand surprise—a trip to her villa in the French Riviera. There, she learns her aunt intends to leave her stunning villa and secretive writer’s residency to Poppy—if she can finish her novel in six months.

When the writing countdown begins, Poppy realizes she has more to confront than her writer’s block. Family drama, complicated romances and self-doubt all threaten to throw her off course. In this fun and heartwarming debut, Poppy must decide if she can live up to her aunt’s—and her own—desire to be the main character in her own life.

Radically Content: Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World

Rock Point |
Non-Fiction/Self Help
Blending memoir, sharp social insights, and unique practical tools, author Jamie Varon is your guide to radical contentment—a satisfied life outside the bounds of societal expectations.

Too many of us are waiting for our lives to begin, putting our happiness on layaway for some future version where it all lines up, when we’ve accomplished it all, when we have the perfect career, bodies, partners, and when our lives finally feel “good enough.” But what is good enough? Who gets to decide? And when do we ever reach it?

Jamie takes a sharp, incisive look at the industries that are constantly telling us to do more, be more, and keep striving, pushing, and hustling—and shows you how to radically opt out of societal conditioning.

We’ve learned to be terrified of contentment, thinking it will lead us to complacency. Yet, being content in a world that profits off our dissatisfaction is not complacency. It’s revolutionary.

Radically Content makes the case for a new framework of living. Exploring themes like guilt, I’ll be happy when…, anxiety, settling, control, healing, shame, self-trust, and being our own worst enemies—not only will you unlearn the dogma of that discontent, but learn practical tools to create a more satisfied life for yourself, including:

  • Cultivating real self-trust
  • Defining your own version of “success”
  • Living with intention
  • Rewriting your personal narrative
  • Creating consistent and healing rituals

Packed with revelatory insights, Radically Content is an exhale. A respite from the chaos of our current world. A calm place to land when you’ve had enough with trying to be enough.


How to become the main character in your own life

What does it really mean to have main character energy? To me, it’s about caring about your own desires, what you need, and what delights you. It’s about putting yourself first and not letting what you want languish in the background of someone else’s story. It’s about loving yourself through action. It’s about being bold and brave in your own life. It’s about finding what lights YOU up and knowing that you deserve to have that as much as you want.

I think, for women, this is an especially interesting topic to explore.


Self-love beyond the face masks

I love a good face mask like anyone else, but what does it mean to truly love yourself? Well, I think it’s about trusting yourself above all. It’s hard to love someone you don’t trust, and that means yourself, too. It means showing up for yourself in ways that are maybe not fit for an ~aesthetic~ TikTok. Doing the daily work of caring for yourself that makes you FEEL loved.


Having the nerve to write

We wait so long to be “good enough” to write that we forget that all we need is the nerve, and consistent action as much as possible toward the novel. I’m not sure if talks about writing are encouraged but I’d have plenty of talks for accessing creativity, being consistent with writing, and my own method for writing drafts of books after YEARS of self-doubt and writer’s block!

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Honors, Awards & Recognition

Radically Content was an instant Barnes & Noble bestseller and Amazon bestseller in multiple categories

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