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Katherine Arden’s bestselling debut novel spins an irresistible spell as it announces the arrival of a singular talent with a gorgeous voice.

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Katherine Arden is the author of the New York Times bestselling Winternight Trilogy: The Bear and the Nightingale, The Girl in the Tower, and The Winter of the Witch, three fantasy novels set in medieval Russia. Born in Austin, Texas, she has studied Russian in Moscow, taught at a school in the French Alps, and worked on a farm in Hawaii. She currently lives in Vermont.

Reviewers have called Katherine Arden’s novels “lyrical,” “emotionally stirring,” and “utterly bewitching.” The Winternight Trilogy introduced an unforgettable heroine, Vasilisa Petrovna, a girl determined to forge her own path in a world that would rather lock her away. In the final book, The Winter of the Witch, Moscow has been struck by disaster. Its people are searching for answers—and for someone to blame. Vasya finds herself alone, beset on all sides. The Grand Prince is in a rage, choosing allies that will lead him on a path to war and ruin. A wicked demon returns, stronger than ever and determined to spread chaos. Caught at the center of the conflict is Vasya, who finds the fate of two worlds resting on her shoulders. Her destiny uncertain, Vasya will uncover surprising truths about herself and her history as she desperately tries to save both Russia, and the magical world she treasures. But she may not be able to save them all.

Arden is also the author of a middle grade novel, Small Spaces, and its upcoming sequel Dead Voices a creepy, spellbinding ghost story destined to become a classic!

Talks and Topics

  • The Winternight Trilogy: Author Presentation

  • Small Spaces and Dead Voices: Author Presentation

  • Russian Mythology and Fairy Tales

  • Combining History and Fairy Tales into Fiction

  • Writing Horror for Children

Stunning . . . will enchant readers from the first page. . . . with an irresistible heroine who wants only to be free of the bonds placed on her gender and claim her own fate.
— Publisher's Weekly

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