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“Chef Leticia Schwartz is spicing things up in our kitchens!” —The Today Show

Food for Leticia Moreinos Schwartz is not just a profession, but a lifetime passion. She was born in Brazil, where food is a cultural fascination. From a very young age, she surprised and delighted young and old with her culinary creations.

Yet, there was no such thing as a career in food in Brazil, so she got B.A degree in Economics. This has allowed her to see all projects with a discerning eye that is always focused on your budget and your goals.

Leticia’s love of food led her to New York City to study at the former French Culinary Institute (now International Culinary Center). Afterward, she acquired exceptional, hands-on experience while working at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world: Le Cirque 2000, La Grenouille, La Caravelle, and Payard Patisserie & Bistro.

Along the way, she became a food writer for renowned magazines such as Saveur, Fine Cooking, Eating Well, Bon Appetit, and many others. But, more importantly, she became the bestselling author of three cookbooks: The Brazilian Kitchen, My Rio de Janeiro, and Latin Superfoods.

After the release of her books, national TV and radio morning shows kept calling to book appearances: her sweet and warm personality had reached into the hearts of millions, and viewers were asking for more. As a result, she worked as TV correspondents to NBC Universal during Rio 2016 Olympics, with skyrocketing ratings during her cooking segments on the Today Show.

Above and beyond her love for making tasty food, Leticia realized she also had a love for ensuring food was nutritious and healthy. Thus, merging delectable and wholesome foods resulted in her becoming the spokesperson for “America’s Diabetes Challenge,” a seven-year national campaign by Merck and the American Diabetes Association.

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Latin Superfoods: 100 Simple, Delicious, and Energizing Recipes for Total Health

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***Named one of the best celebrity cookbooks of 2019 by Parade Magazine***

Bringing fun, healthy Latin flair to busy American kitchens!

Most people associate healthy cooking with boring taste and flavorless foods, but Leticia is on a mission to prove that healthy eating not only can be absolutely delicious, but also that food is medicine, and that by living a healthy lifestyle you can take control of your health and of your life.

Through the American Diabetes Campaign, Leticia sees first-hand the dietary problems that contribute to this and many other lifestyle diseases, particularly in the Hispanic community here in the US and in Latin countries globally. She quickly realized that once Latinos move to the US, their habits change for the worse, along with their health. “We no longer shop at a farmers market or cook homemade meals. Instead, we shop at big chain stores and buy pre-packed foods. The road from a healthy Latin culture to the North American table became a tough one somewhere along the way.”

Utilizing healthful, nutritious ingredients like nuts, grains, seeds, herbs, spices, beans, fruits, and vegetables, these tried and true favorites include classics like arroz con pollo and quesadillas (with a healthy twist), to lesser-known (but still traditional) dishes like grilled shrimp with Caipirinha vinaigrette and wild rice salad with mango and shrimp.

The good news is that maintaining a healthy diet has never been easier, precisely because of the influence of the Latin culture in this country. Award-winning author Leticia Schwartz will introduce you to new and improved Latin recipes to enjoy without compromising on flavor!

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Named one of the best celebrity cookbooks of 2019 by Parade Magazine

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