“Abbas offer not just a story, but a poetic explanation of a traditional scarf worn by the people of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh…This book exquisitely represents the legacy that is the dupatta through imagery and descriptive text for a beautiful lesson in culture.” ― School Library Journal

Marzieh is a baker turned award-winning author. She loves adding magic to her creations– whether that’s a seven-layered rainbow cake or the books she writes for children all over the world. Her work is inspired by her Pakistani culture and Muslim heritage.

Marzieh is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Picture Book Challenge, and a graduate of the Lyrical Language Lab and Children’s Book Academy. She occasionally writes under the name: Marzieh A. Ali.

Her published books include, Nadia & NBadir, A Dupatta is…, Awe-Samosas, and A Ramadan to Remember. Her upcoming books include Henna is…., Yasmeen Lari, Green Architect, Excited for Eid, Friday Fun, Radiant Ramadan and The Books on my Back.

Marzieh enjoys learning new skills, jumping rope, sipping chai, and observing nature. Marzieh dreams of owning a talking parrot someday. But until then, she lives in Pakistan with her husband and children who inspire her daily.

Marzieh's Featured Titles

Excited for Eid (An Our Neighborhood Series Board Book for Toddlers Celebrating Islam)

little bee books |

Eid Mubarak! Join a joyful and sweet celebration of Eid in this irresistible, inclusive board book highlighting the traditions of the end of the Islamic holy month, Ramadan.

Our Neighborhood is a series of board books that celebrates every kids’ culture so kids can find themselves, their family, and their friends in every book.

Hurray, hurray.
It’s Eid day!

Join the celebration as an adorable kiddo experiences the Muslim festival of Eid with their family. Starting with a morning feast, and ending with an evening treat, they gather with loved ones, eat dates and honey, dress up, and head to the mosque. This irresistible board book is sure to delight and inform, serving both as a mirror and a window into a joyous Muslim household.

Excited for Eid is part of a wonderful, rhyming board book series by Marzieh Abbas that delivers an ode to Muslim celebrations. Don’t miss Radiant Ramadan and Friday Fun which celebrates Jumu’ah, the holiest day of the Muslim week.

Henna Is . . .

Feiwel & Friends |

A picture book that serves young readers as a lyrical love letter to henna, written by Muslim Book Reviewer Award winner Marzieh Abbas and brilliantly illustrated by Anu Chouhan.

Henna is so much more than a form of temporary body art.

Henna is nature―seeds sprouted into shrubs, leaves kissed by tropical rain.

Henna is color―the orange of juicy mangoes, sun-kissed brown, or black as the feathers of crows.

Henna is fragrance―earthy and nutty, lemony and clove-y.

The intricate patterns of flowers, feathers, vines, and other symbols painted and stained onto skin has been a tradition in cultures all around the world for thousands of years. Beautiful and eye-catching, henna also carries the scents, textures, and colors of family and identity.


Clarion Books |

This warm and joyful picture book blends family tradition and creativity as Noor puts an awesome spin on her Dadijaan’s yummy but ingredient-specific samosa recipe.

It’s Noor’s first time making her Dadijaan’s Special Samosa recipe. When she can’t get in touch with her Dadijaan because it’s nighttime in Pakistan, Noor must improvise to make her family’s recipe without all of the correct ingredients.

Noor uses her creativity and problem-solving skills to create something new and exciting for her friends: flaky, super-crispy Awe-samosas!

Marzieh Abbas weaves Urdu words into her narrative of creativity, problem-solving, and love of food and cooking. Includes Dadijaan’s traditional potato and pea samosas recipe in backmatter.


Picture Book or Chapter Book Read Aloud + Author Q&A with Marzieh Abbas

Marzieh will read from one or two of her books (choose between: A Dupatta Is…, A Ramadan to Remember, Nadia and Nadir, Henna Is…, Yasmeen Lari, Awe-samosas!), while talking about how she worked with her editor and illustrator to make the story come alive. A fun and informative Q&A session will follow where students will take turns to ask their questions about books, writing & publishing!
30-45 minutes, Ages 5 and up


A Dupatta Is..., Henna Is... and a Celebration of Culture

Marzieh reads her book and talks about what inspired her to write a book about her culture. The talk encourages young readers to think about symbols and artifacts in their cultures that make them proud of their identity.
45-60 minutes, Ages 7 and up


Awe-samosas! and Culinary Connections

Marzieh reads her book, Awe-samosas!, and talks about how food has the power to unite communities and bring people closer together. She will share the inspiration for her book and how her story was influenced by the many cuisines she was introduced to as a child. Students will be encouraged to share stories of food from their cultures.
30-45 minutes, Ages 5 and up


Plan B: What to do When Things Don't go as Planned

Marzieh will read from her book Awe-samosas! and discuss strategies with students about how to keep going when things don’t go according to plan. Students will be presented with relatable scenarios and brainstorm solutions, just like the main character in the book, Noor.
45-60 minutes, Ages 5 and up


My Book, My Buddy!

Marzieh encourages readers to be attentive to the transformative journey of reading and forge lifelong friendships within the pages of beloved books. She will give the backstory to recent middle grade novels and how they not only helped their authors tell the story of their hearts, but also have the potential of helping readers to process challenging situations, provide solace in solitude, and inspiration in moments of doubt.
40-45 minutes, Ages 8 and up


A Dip into the Idea Treasure Trove

Want to know where Marzieh gets her ideas? Hear about Marzieh’s childhood and her journey of discovering her identity and connecting the dots. Everyone has a story to tell and she wants to share this magic of discovery with your students and encourage them to share their own stories!
30-45 minutes, Ages 7 and up


Storytelling Secrets with Marzieh Abbas

After reading snippets from different books, we will try to answer the popular question: “What makes a great story?” Is it the character, the plot, the setting? Or a combination of all? Highly interactive and fun!
35-45 minutes, Ages 8 and up


For Adult Audiences

Journaling, Spirituality and Poetry―Marzieh’s Author Journey: Marzieh shares her path to publication and how journaling her way through PPD and her love for the language in the Qur’an led her to a deep appreciation of lyricism and eventually publication success.

From Muse to Manuscript: Want to know what inspires Marzieh and how she transforms her ideas into manuscripts and ultimately books? Join her as she explores the dynamic interplay between imagination and craft. From the seeds of inspiration to the blossoming of a draft and the pruning (editing) of a story, we’ll navigate the winding path that writers tread in their pursuit of literary excellence.
Drawing from personal experiences and literary insights, this talk offers invaluable glimpses into the writer’s mindset. Marzieh will share anecdotes and strategies for overcoming creative obstacles and nurturing inspiration.

Universal yet Specific: Using examples from her published work, Marzieh explores the delicate balance between universality and specificity in storytelling, where tales resonate universally while maintaining a distinct voice and perspective to shape narratives that captivate hearts and minds across cultures and generations.

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Honors, Awards & Recognition

A DUPATTA IS… is a Notable Social Studies Trade Book Award Winner (Awarded by National Council for the Social Studies)

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