“The children were so excited to see a “real-life” author in person. They were amazed that the person reading to them is the same person that wrote their favorite stories.” —Dawn Gallis, Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Steve Metzger is the award-winning author of more than 80 children’s books, including The Way I Act (approved for classroom use by the California Department of Education), Detective Blue (IRA-CBC Children’s Choice List, SLJ starred review), Pluto Visits Earth! (ABC Best Books for Children), and Yes, I Can Listen! a Eureka! Honor Award winner from the California Reading Association.

In his newest book, The Bumble Brothers: The Not-So-Secret Clubhouse! author Steve Metzger has created a hilarious graphic novel — the second in a three-book series — for 7-11 year olds! With the collaboration of illustrator Brian Schatell, this exuberant read is packed with full-color illustrated panels that clearly show the action, emotions, and ideas of the nine-year-old characters. Middle-grade readers will laugh out loud at the silly situations these clueless twin brothers get themselves into. Parents, teachers, and librarians can use this as an enjoyable tool to engage reluctant readers. Crazy for Comics was chosen as a Gold Standard Selection by the Junior Library Guild.

To celebrate National Reading Month, Steve and Lauren Loquasto, Chief Academic Officer of Goddard Schools, participated in a webinar about children’s literacy. Please use this link to view this informative webinar.

Steve lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

Steve's Featured Titles

Bumble Brothers: The Not-So-Secret Clubhouse!

Reycraft Books |
Children’s Graphic Novels

“To nine-year-old twins Walter and Christopher, ‘Swampland’ is the best video game ever! But when the boys start arguing over whose turn it is to play, Mama and Papa Bumble banish them to the great outdoors. In the scary outside world full of nature and girls, the twins must find a place for a secret clubhouse and come up with a set of rules for their new, ultra exclusive club”–

Bumble Brothers: Crazy for Comics

Reycraft Books |

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection!

Walter and Christopher Bumble, 9-year-old twins, are given $2 to buy a quart of milk, but something always gets in the way! Find out what happens in the Bumble Brothers’ laugh-out-loud first book: Crazy for Comics!

Thankful Animals, Thankful Me

Familius |

A bug is thankful for a leaf,
A sea star for its coral reef.

A hawk is thankful for the sky,
A piglet for a muddy sty.

In this colorful board book, animals are the perfect examples of gratitude for the simple things, from the open sea to a safe barn stall. With adorable, brightly colored drawings and rhyming couplets, Thankful Animals, Thankful Me will teach your child about a multitude of animals, all while showing them how to be thankful. A life full of gratitude has never been so easy—or cute!

Yes, I Can Listen!

Parenting Press |

In a world filled with distractions, being a good listener has become more difficult than ever! This essential life skill helps children achieve success at school, follow safety rules, and show others that they care. The playful rhymes of Yes, I Can Listen! encourage children to appreciate the rewards of attentive listening in a wide range of familiar situations. Sweet characters and vivid illustrations make these interactions come alive.

Yes, I Can Listen! also includes suggestions for parents who wish to explore fun activities that enhance listening skills with their children.

Princess Kitty

HarperCollins |

Princess Kitty is in for a royal treat! Her palace attendants are throwing a surprise party in her honor. At least, that’s what she thinks! There will be games, presents, cake, and more. But when the guests start arriving, no one is paying attention to the kitty of honor! What’s a princess to do?

From award-winning children’s book author Steve Metzger, and accompanied by colorful, vibrant illustrations by Ella Okstad, comes Princess Kitty, a sweet and silly story about a kitty who learns to share the spotlight.

Perfect for fans of They All Saw a Cat and Bad Kitty!

The Way I Act

Parenting Press |

The Way I Act explores thirteen ways of behaving. The friendly verses and bold illustrations convey many positive ideas of how to act in a variety of situations. In the companion book, The Way I Feel, children learned that feelings come and go and simply are.

A little older now, they are ready to think about the ability they have to control how things turn out. Like The Way I Feel, this book is ideal for children with autism.

(Ages 4-9)


Author Visits

Suggested Audience: PreK – 5th Grade

Steve loves visiting schools and sharing the joy of children’s literature with children, teachers, and librarians. His multi-media presentations incorporate literacy standards, attributes of STEM and the six traits of writing. Steve will also explore the process of creating a picture book – from idea to publication. Programs may be customized for your school and feature:

  • Award-winning picture books
  • Audience participation
  • New Graphic Novel for Reluctant Readers — The Bumble Brothers: Crazy for Comics!
  • Science connections based on Pluto Visits Earth!
  • Toto’s Story – Chapter Book for 6 to 10 year-olds
  • Books that promote character development
  • Time for Q&A


Meet the Bumble Brothers

Honors, Awards & Recognition

Junior Library Guild | Gold Standard Selection
ABC | Best Books for Children
Colorado Children’s Book Award | Nominee
2019 Honoree | Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award
IRA-CBC Children’s Choice List

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