“Dr. Darria Long Gillespie is a exceptional speaker… When one of the audience members said to everyone that her talk was “one of the best on health that I have heard”, I realized that she had exceeded all of our expectations.” – IBM Global Healthcare

Dr. Darria Long is a Harvard and Yale-trained practicing Emergency physician, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine, and international regular TV contributor. She is also the national bestselling author of Mom Hacks  and TedX speaker of the widely popular “An ER doctor on ending the crazy busy” – and mom of 2. Dr. Darria founded Trueve.com to give every woman access to evidence-based and actionable health information — and the peace of mind that comes with that. The TrueveLab launched The Study of Burnout in Women – the first large-scale, academic study focused specifically on burnout in women since COVID.

Darria's Featured Titles

Mom Hacks: 100+ Science-Backed Shortcuts to Reclaim Your Body, Raise Awesome Kids, and Be Unstoppable

Da Capo Lifelong Books |

00+ self-care hacks for any mom to eat right, move more, stress less and get a good night’s sleep, by a doctor who is also a mom

Why is it generally accepted that motherhood comes at the expense of our health–with all that weight gain, fatigue, and exhaustion? It doesn’t have to be that way. What if your baby AND you could thrive together? We cure diseases. We create artificial ears using 3-D printers. We solved how to pee in space. We can figure this out–and now Dr. Darria has done just that.

An Ivy league-trained physician and mom of two, Dr. Darria combed the latest in medicine, psychology, and holistic health for answers when her own health crises struck. She now brings those solutions to moms everywhere. For moms who just DontHaveTheTime (or energy), Mom Hacks gives you the specific smallest changes that yield the biggest impact for you and your child.

Every hack is a mini super-charged solution with an immediate impact. So you feel good, lose the baby weight, and are more present, while raising thriving children–in an entirely do-able, time-saving, with-you-in-the-trenches way. Her humor and personal stories bring warmth and encouragement when mothers need it most.

You can be the mother and woman you want to be, and with Mom Hacks, you don’t have to listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. It’s time for a new mom world order.


Escape the Burnout Trap: How to Reduce Your Stress, Achieve Your Dreams, and Thrive in a World Wired to Cause Burnout

We’re burned out. We’re exhausted – and the only solutions seem to be to grit down more, “self-care” mental health soundbites, and Quiet Quitting. Those aren’t solutions. Dr. Darria Long founded The Burnout Study in Women, the first post-pandemic large-scale academic study specifically to understand the drivers of burnout – and most importantly, to find data-driven answers.

Dr. Darria is a Yale-trained emergency physician and former Harvard Medical School faculty member, national bestselling author, national TV health expert, and speaker of the TEDx “An ER Doctor on Ending the Crazy Busy”. From the ER to the TV studio, she has trained to thrive amidst chaos and stress.

In this talk, Dr. Darria combines rich and behind-the-scenes stories of balancing her role as an ER doctor, national TV health expert, and motherhood, while also suddenly managing a mysterious and life-threatening heart condition. She also shares action-oriented and fascinating data from the Burnout Study in Women and other sources.

Dr. Darria will share key concepts developed from her research:

How to become “Un-Overwhelmable
The system ER doctors use to function amidst chaos without internalizing it – and how you can incorporate this in your own life (no ER residency required!)
The “Do it All Discrepancy” framework
“Choose YOUR All”

With a combination of both tactical steps and mindset shifts, this talk let’s audiences laugh, have ah-ha moments, and leave empowered by steps they can take today.

***Option of speech available for general audience, or for women only


Becoming Un-Overwhelmable: How to make tolerance of uncertainty and hard times into your superpower

How do you move forward – and grow – when your life gets turned upside down? At times of upheaval – whether it’s health, persona, or career crises – when you want to ask “Why me?” or “I don’t think I can handle this” – how do you move forward?

Dr. Darria Long is a Harvard and Yale-trained ER doctor, national bestselling author, national TV health expert, and founder of The National Burnout Study in Womenand had two small children when her own life was thrown upside down. She discovered that she had a massive, mysterious and life-threatening heart condition, and over 18 months, nearly went into cardiac arrest multiple times.

As an ER doctor and on-air TV personality, she had spent her life thriving in moments of uncertainty, unpredictability, and incomplete information – and yet she still wasn’t prepared for this. Overnight, life changed.

In this motivating address, Dr. Darria curates data-driven solutions and guidance, along with her experience in the ER, and stories from her journey from grim diagnosis to building life back, better.

Audiences will leave with a combination of tools and mindset shifts to not be able to just tolerate uncertainty, but to lean into it, thrive, perform at your best – and actually turn it into your advantage.

Key takeaways include a combination of both tactics and mindset shifts to help you stay calm, thrive, and make good decisions, no matter what the conditions:

How to turn challenging moments into moments of growth
How ER doctors maintain presence of mind, despite the uncertainty and concern around them
How to become unstuck, when uncertainty and overwhelm paralyze you
How to focus on what matters, and not be distracted by uncertainty

High-Yield Tactics to Improve Your Performance, Longevity – and just FEEL Better

Everyday, we’re bombarded with “health hacks” – but what really works?

Dr. Darria is author of the actual book on this – Mom Hacks – and shares the top, most high-yield steps and decisions you can make in your life, to improve your productivity, overall health – and just feel better every day, both physically and mentally.

In a world where “more self-care” actually can feel like a chore, what actually WORKS?

The impact of chronic stress – both physically and mentally
Mindset shifts that impact our overall health
Physical activities that have the greatest impact

Burnout for the Physician: How to deal with burnout, in a changing medical environment

Constant requests, time-crunch, endless to-do’s….stress and burnout take on a different tone (and urgency) when health and lives are at stake. Yet, given changing regulations and economic landscape, doing what physicians need to do is getting even harder – and at times leaving us to question WHY we are doing this, at all.

Dr. Darria gives an evidence-based perspective on burnout from the POV of the physician.


How to keep moving forward, when God seems silent: How do we maintain hope, when we cannot see any glimmer of light?

As a Harvard and Yale-trained ER doctor, national TV health regular expert, national bestselling author, Ted speaker, and mom to two kiddos, Dr. Darria’s life was right where she had dreamed. Then, one day when she was home alone with her young children, she nearly went into cardiac arrest in her basement, and was able to call for emergency help just in time. Instead of the year she had expected of TV and speaking and exciting projects, she spent the next 16 months in a maze of uncertainty, fear, and just SO many questions.

Interestingly, right when this began, her pastor initiated a plan that year for the church as a whole to read through the Bible. Dr. Darria shares how God can use life’s unexpected turns to direct us onto a path that we’d never expect, never know to strive toward, and that can be better than we even dreamed.


Mom Hacks: Fuel Your Inner Fire and Find Your “I’ve GOT This”


Dropping the “Do It All” Mindset – Without Letting Go of What Is Most Important to You


How to Ensure that Your Employees Stay on When they Become Moms

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