“Linda Hogan’s work is rooted in truth and mystery.” – Louise Erdrich

Linda Hogan is the Former Faculty at Indian Arts Institute, Writer in Residence for The Chickasaw Nation, and Professor Emerita from the University of Colorado, is an internationally recognized public reader, speaker, and writer of poetry, fiction, and essays.

In July, 2014, Dark. Sweet. New and Selected Poems, was published from Coffee House Press. Her other books are Indios (Wings Press, 2012) – long poem and also a one woman performance piece – Rounding the Human Corners (Coffee House Press, April 2008, Pulitzer nominee) and the well-regarded novel People of the Whale (Norton, August 2008). Works include novels Mean Spirit, a winner of the Oklahoma Book Award, the Mountains and Plains Book Award, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. This is a book about the oil book in Oklahoma, affecting numerous tribal nations Solar Storms, a finalist for the International Impact Award, and and New York Times Notable Book of Year. Power was also a finalist for the International Impact Award in Ireland. It was based on the killing of a Florida Panther, a most endangered species.

Hogan recently finished a new book of poems, A History of Kindness, as well as a novel, The Mercy Liars. Her most recent book of essays is The Radiant Life of Animals, the title taken from her chapter on Traditional Indigenous Knowledge and animals in a new book on Tradition Ecological Knowledge from Oxford University Press.

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Linda's Featured Titles

The Radiant Lives of Animals

Beacon Press |
Short Stories

Concerned that human lives and the natural world are too often defined by people who are separated from the land and its inhabitants, Indigenous writer and environmentalist Linda Hogan depicts her own intense relationships with animals as an example we all can follow to heal our souls and reconnect with the spirit of the world. From her modest forest home in Colorado, and venturing throughout the region, especially to her beloved Oklahoma, she introduces us to horses, packrats, snakes, mountain lions, elks, wolves, bees, and so many others whose presence has changed her life. In this illuminating collection of essays and poems, lightly sprinkled with elegant drawings, Hogan draws on many Native nations’ ancient stories and spiritual traditions to show us that the soul exists in those delicate places where the natural world extends into human consciousness—in the mist of morning, the grass that grew a little through the night, the first warmth of this morning’s sunlight. Altogether, this beautifully packaged gift is a reverential reminder for all of us to witness and appreciate the radiant lives of animals.

A History of Kindness

Torrey House Press |

Throughout this clear-eyed collection, Hogan tenderly excavates how history instructs the present, and envisions a future alive with hope for a healthy and sustainable world that now wavers between loss and survival.

A major American writer and the recipient of the 2007 Mountains and Plains Booksellers Spirit of the West Literary Achievement Award, LINDA HOGAN is a Chickasaw poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, teacher, and activist who has spent most of her life in Oklahoma and Colorado. Her fiction has garnered many honors, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination and her poetry collections have received the American Book Award, Colorado Book Award, and a National Book Critics Circle nomination. A volunteer and consultant for wildlife rehabilitation and endangered species programs, Hogan has also published essays with the Nature Conservancy and Sierra Club.

Dark. Sweet.

Coffee House Press |

Dark. Sweet. offers readers the sweep of LindaHogan’s work–environmental and spiritual concerns, her Chickasaw heritage–in spare, elemental, visionary language.

From Those Who Thunder:

Those who thunder
have dark hair
and red throw rugs.
They burn paper in bathroom sinks.
Their voices refuse to suffer
and their silences know the way
straight to the heart;
it’s bus route number eight.

Linda Hogan is the recipient of the 2007 Mountains and Plains Booksellers Spirit of the West Literary Achievement Award. She is also a recipient of the 2016 PEN New England Henry David Thoreau Prize. Her poetry has received an American Book Award, Colorado Book Award, and a National Book Critics Circle nomination.

People of the Whale

W. W. Norton & Company |

Raised in a remote seaside village, Thomas Witka Just marries Ruth, his beloved since infancy. But an ill-fated decision to fight in Vietnam changes his life forever: cut off from his Native American community, he fathers a child with another woman. When he returns home a hero, he finds his tribe in conflict over the decision to hunt a whale, both a symbol of spirituality and rebirth and a means of survival. In the end, he reconciles his two existences, only to see tragedy befall the son he left behind.

Rounding the Human Corners

Coffee House Press |

In her first book of poetry since 1993’s groundbreaking The Book of Medicines, Linda Hogan locates the intimate connections between all living things and uncovers the layers that both protect and disguise our affinities.

like the tree I can lose myself
layer after layer
all the way down to infinity
and that’s when the world has eyes and sees.
The whole world
loves the unlayered human.

Hogan’s wisdom, gleaned from a lifelong commitment to caring for wildlife and the environment, has been deepened by the hard-won, humbling revelations of illness. With soaring imagery, clear lyrics, and entrancing rhythm, her poetry becomes a visionary instrument singing to and for humanity. From the microscopic creatures of the sea to the powerful beauty of horses, from the beating heart of her unborn grandson to the vast, uncovered expanses of the universe, Hogan reminds us that, “Between the human and all the rest / lies only an eyelid.”

A Chickasaw poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, teacher, and activist, Linda Hogan has spent most of her life in Oklahoma and Colorado. A volunteer and consultant for wildlife rehabilitation and endangered species programs, Hogan has published essays for the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club, and her books have received numerous awards, including nominations from the Pulitzer Prize Board and National Book Critics Circle.






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Pulitzer Prize Finalist
National Book Foundation Science + Literature Award Winner
Oklahoma Book Award Winner


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